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IoT in Healthcare

HIPAA compliant, remote monitoring solution tailored for Healthcare and can be connected to Bluetooth wearable devices.

Industrial IoT

Tailored for monitoring industrial equipment in real time from any location on a PC, Mac, or tablet

A Personal Security and Emergency Response App
Personal Security

A Personal Security and Emergency Response App offering security at home or away

IoT - Tracking App

Always know the location of your assets with Bridgera TrackMe app

The Bridgera Difference

Bridgera accelerates your path to IoT success by applying our IoT platform and IoT service enablement expertise to provide you with a custom IoT service in weeks, not years. This is enabled by the Bridgera platform, which includes the majority of functionality needed to deliver IoT services in most industries – providing the perfect launchpad to accelerate the development of your custom IoT service. We then layer our IoT ecosystem and application development expertise to custom-build an IoT service that meets your specific needs. Bridgera also provides the Machine Learning capabilities needed to drive actionable intelligence from all of your company’s data – across connected devices and existing enterprise systems.

We have experience developing IoT solutions for every industry – including healthcare, industrial, tracking, personal security and more – and a global development team that can support customers in any region. We take the time to understand your specific business goals and the needs of your customers to deliver IoT services that increase your revenue and competitive advantage while enhancing your customers’ experiences.

About Us
About Bridgera IoT Platform

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What problem do we solve?

Today, companies in every industry are relying on IoT to deliver new connected services that increase revenue and transform their customers’ experiences. And beyond the connectivity of devices and delivery of connected services, organizations also need the ability to drive business insights from all of their data – across both connected devices and their existing enterprise systems – that provide actionable intelligence for their business. But most of these companies lack the IoT expertise needed to deliver those services in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Companies need an IoT service enablement partner that can accelerate their time to market while delivering an IoT service customized to the needs of their business. They also need that service to integrate seamlessly with their existing enterprise systems. They need more than just another IoT platform – they need an end-to-end partner capable of delivering actionable intelligence from both their IoT and enterprise system data so that they can increase revenue and deliver elevated customer experiences.

IoT Solutions for Enterprises

Bridgera works diligently alongside each of our customers to understand their business goals and then apply our IoT platform and development expertise to deliver custom-built IoT services in a timely, cost-effective manner. We understand the entire IoT stack, and develop embedded software code and device firmware in order to connect any IoT devices seamlessly to the Bridgera IoT cloud. We also develop bespoke web and mobile applications for each new IoT use case, purpose-built for the desired customer outcomes.
We provide customers with a truly holistic solution by integrating their IoT data with their existing enterprise systems and carrying out custom analytics. Our powerful platform and ecosystem enable IoT data processing based on customer-defined rules, making data actionable and automating key business processes for greater value.

IoT Service Enablement

Who are we?

Bridgera is your end-to-end partner for the successful development and delivery of IoT services. We accelerate your IoT success by developing custom solutions – built on top of our fully managed and hosted IoT platform and ecosystem – to help you deliver IoT services to your customers in weeks, not years. We custom-build IoT services for customers in every industry and have particularly deep expertise across a range of healthcare, industrial, logistics, and personal security applications.

Custom IoT Solution Provider - Bridgera
End-to-End IoT Service Enablement Provider

Why Select Bridgera as Your Customized IoT Service Enablement Partner?

Unlike IoT platforms that require a large up-front investment, deep IoT expertise, and ongoing management, Bridgera is your end-to-end IoT service enablement provider. With Bridgera, you benefit from:

  • Rapid development and deployment of your custom IoT service within a matter of weeks—not years.
  • An IoT service that is built for your – and your customers’ – specific needs, without any costly trial and error.
  • Minimal upfront investment for a feature-rich, enterprise-grade IoT solution.
  • No need for in-house development and support.

Custom IoT Service

Which Proprietary Platforms and Toolsets Does Bridgera Use to Accelerate Custom IoT Projects?

Bridgera’s proprietary, cloud-based IoT platform and ecosystem provides the majority of functionality needed for most IoT use cases across industries. We also accelerate the development of custom IoT services with:

  • Bridgera Digital Twin – Providing a digital replica of each physical device.
  • Bridgera Monitoring – Our IoT application enablement platform.
  • Bridgera IoT – For scalable and reliable IoT data capture, processing, and storage.
  • A full suite of mobile apps, including Bridgera Rescue, Bridgera TrackMe, and Bridgera Monitoring.
  • Machine Learning and analytics to provide actionable intelligence from both your IoT device and enterprise system data.

Accelerate Custom IoT Implementation

Bridgera's IoT Apps & Platform

What Clients Say

Bridgera has been helping us with a 100% offshore team since 2010. The professionalism, commitment & responsiveness of their teams is commendable. They have done a good job managing risks associated with offshore execution, and ensuring that project milestones are consistently met. Over the years, they have become a dependable & trusted technology partner and have consistently delivered value on all fronts: quality, cost & timeliness. We are delighted to have them with us & would have no hesitation in recommending their services.



With global teams, Bridgera offers us a unique combination of onsite and offshore resources that consistently provide high quality delivery. They were able to transition support from other vendors who were not performing and then demonstrate continuous improvement through detailed monitoring & metrics. They are highly responsive to our changing needs and their on-demand ramp-up / ramp-down capability has been a key factor in achieving desired service levels with predictable costs. As we grow, we remain confident that Bridgera can scale & retool their teams to continue to meet our business needs effectively & efficiently.

IT Director,


With our entire legacy portfolio outsourced to Bridgera, since Feb 2014, RTS and its customers have already benefited from significant reduction in cost and time-to-market. We now expect to see sustained benefits arising from structured IT Delivery processes powered by an Agile execution methodology. The Bridgera team has hung in there with us and never waivered from their focus of providing solutions to modernize our systems and service offerings.


Research Triangle Software (RTS)

Bridgera has shown impeccable project management skills, to complement their incredible offshore development teams. They were diligent in helping in our designing and implementation of our product, which allowed us to bring the product to market on the target date. Our product is designed to alleviate some of the burdens caregivers live with every day and the products that Bridgera has designed on their own, have made our product more robust in a shorter time than we thought possible. We consider them a partner and feel fortunate to have found them. A great bunch of guys to work with who understand the growing pains of the entrepreneurial company.

George Colantuoni, Founder,

Well Aware Care (

From platform design, mobile app and website development, Admin portal mapping, bug testing and release, Bridgera has become a trusted partner to our company every step of the way.  Bridgera exceeds their peers as a long-term development partner who we count on every day, 24/7.  Building a robust and complex, patent-protected technology is not an easy process and we could not have gotten where we are today without Bridgera. We consider our working relationship with Bridgera core to our long-term development road map for our platform. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work product delivered – on time and on budget- as well as the wonderful personal relationships we’ve developed with the entire Bridgera technology team. We’re fully onward and upward with Bridgera…. as our trusted partner helping us develop a platform capable of global scale. Many thanks to the fantastic Bridgera team for their advice, insight and support!



For the last 6 years Troxler Labs has worked with Bridgera on numerous projects from smaller website support to large projects like ticketing systems and online training websites. With each project, Bridgera goes the extra mile to deliver a project that we are proud of, and our customers love! The project managers are very responsive and always professional. Their highly skilled team listens to feedback and quickly acts to make changes or add something needed. It is incredible to work with them and watch their process. No stone is left unturned and their understanding of our business and the complications we face impresses me all the time. All the projects we have worked with Bridgera on have been delivered on time and within the discussed budget. I can’t say enough about these guys, they deliver!


Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.

Bridgera has been an excellent technology partner providing Contract Development resources to augment our WizeView technical team. They have provided dependable, cost-effective delivery capabilities, while being sensitive to our business challenges and changing priorities. In terms of an IT partner that can deliver on quality, price, and schedule, I highly recommend Bridgera.



With global teams, Bridgera offered us a unique combination of onsite and offshore resources that consistently provided high quality delivery. They were able to transition support from other vendors who were under-performing and then demonstrate continuous improvement through detailed monitoring & metrics. They are highly responsive to our changing needs and their on-demand ramp-up / ramp-down capability has significantly help achieve desired service levels with predictable costs. As we grow, we remain confident that Bridgera can scale & retool their teams to continue to meet our business needs transparently & efficiently.

IT Director,

Zippy Shell

We engaged Bridgera to take over the software development work for HomeMeds our flagship medication management platform. Their global development team is incredibly skilled, highly responsive and has subject matter expertise in care management. Right from the start, they exceeded our expectations, delivering exceptional results. The difference in communication clarity, transparency, daily interactions, and the quality of delivery is evident. The Bridgera team addresses issues promptly, regardless of the time of day. What sets Bridgera apart is their approach – they don’t just act as a vendor, but as a true partner, providing the technical leadership needed to make strategic decisions.

President and CEO,

Partners in Care Foundation