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Business Intelligence

Use of data and analytics to provide actionable business insights

Data Warehousing

Historical database of aggregated and transformed data; used as single source of truth

Data Visualization

Sleek graphical representation of information and data, using visual elements like charts, graphs, maps and word clouds

Machine Learning

Building applications that learn from data and improve their accuracy over time by sheer augmentation of this data

IoT Analytics Powered by Bridgera Intelligence

The deluge of data that your connected IoT devices generate can be overwhelming. And if that data is not utilized in the context of your existing enterprise systems, you can miss out on critical business opportunities. In addition to custom IoT service enablement, Bridgera Intelligence applies both Descriptive and Predictive Analytics using Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, across all your data. The complete data chain from your connected devices to your existing enterprise systems and third-party connects is analyzed, to provide truly actionable intelligence. Various layers of data are used in the process, for a variety of insights.

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IoT Analytics Powered by Bridgera Intelligence

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