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Collaborate with us to address any skill gap or capacity challenges and bring your IoT project back on track.

Here’s how Bridgera’s Professional Services team crafts connected digital solutions:


Identify Goals and Needs

Understand goals, review systems, assess security.


Strategic Roadmap Development

Plan milestones, define data architecture, establish governance.


Proof of Concept and Design

Create prototypes, define data models, identify components.


IoT Solution Development and Testing

Build, test solutions, deploy hardware, software, develop APIs.


Deployment and Integration

Integrate solutions, provide training, ongoing support.


Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Analyze data, refine features, plan for scalability, innovation.

Expedite your IoT journey with Bridgera's professional services, a transformative partnership that addresses skill gaps with precision and efficiency.

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In any phase of your product development, our adaptable framework seamlessly aligns with your business requirements. Partner with Bridgera to leverage our Co-Engineering Professional Services, ensuring unwavering support throughout every stage of innovation.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Firmware Development

  • IoT Application Development

  • Web/Mobile App Development

  • Cloud Solution Development

  • Analytics & BI

  • QA/Software Testing

Case Studies

At Bridgera, We Have Engineered Solutions For Industrial, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, And Logistics

Our global experts are ready to tackle your IoT project with our Professional Services.


Remote Monitoring for Construction Quality Monitoring

One of the leaders in precision measurement and quality control in the construction sector. For over half a century, they have been developing state-of-the-art devices for assessing the quality of concrete and asphalt used in the construction of highways.

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Turning Tabletops into High-Tech Smart Devices

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of laminates and laminated panels widely used in furniture. Their laminated tabletops are particularly popular with restaurants, hotels and offices all over the world. The client came up with an innovative idea of embedding Wireless Power Transmitters (WPTs) in their laminated tabletops to support wireless charging of mobile phones. With the increasing need for supporting remote work locations, this is a timely solution to allow you to work from anywhere without worrying about draining your phone’s battery.

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Case Study: Enterprise BI for a Logistics Customer

Our customer is one of largest logistics solution providers in the US. They cater to both short-distance and long-distance movement and storage needs for residential and commercial customers.

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Leveraging IoT to Optimize Waste Hauling

Discount Dumpsters is a well-known dumpster delivery company in North Carolina specialized in waste removal for construction and industrial sites. Founded in 2010, this family-owned business was ready to make a name for themselves in North Carolina. Starting out, they were able to manage their customers and drivers manually via spreadsheets. However, as their business grew, they wanted something more than a spreadsheet to manage the dumpster delivery business at scale.

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