Custom IoT Solutions Powered by Bridgera

Bridgera’s custom IoT application enablement services are made possible by the robust and versatile Bridgera IoT platform.

Fast – The Bridgera IoT platform underpins a proven technology stack and provides an accelerated starting point for challenging custom IoT solutions.
Flexible – Bridgera’s IoT technology is cloud-hosted and platform-agnostic for optimal access and consistency. It’s also fully supported with no lock-in risk.
Cost-Effective – Our skilled global workforce is able to develop turnkey, highly individualized IoT applications at an attractive price.

Bridgera offers the best platform for custom IoT development in any field on account of its speed, flexibility, scalability and affordability. We place particular emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, wide device compatibility, responsiveness and seamless IoT integration.

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Accelerate Your Unique IoT Solution with Bridgera IoT


A modern IoT software architecture that manages the integration of IoT devices and enterprise systems – anywhere and at any scale.


Superior data aggregation with real-time alerts. Capture, process, store and retreive any kind of data at any speed or volume.


Standard or built-to-spec custom IoT applications for an uncompromising user experience leveraging ready-to-deploy IoT capabilities.

Subscription Service

From standard to specialized, Bridgera IoT solutions are operated and fully supported by our expert team. Our approach to custom IoT development accommodates organizations of any size or sector, regardless of their available skills or resources, so that they can leverage the many benefits of IoT for increased oversight, efficiency and profitability.

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    A comprehensive IoT solution provided as a cloud-based service.
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    Controls to protect the confidentially, integrity and availability of your data.
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    Responsive engineers deliver continuous improvements to meet your needs.

Vertical Solutions Powered by Bridgera IoT


Digital Health and IoMT

The digital health revolution, powered by the Internet of Things, is already underway. Consumer-friendly wearables are able to track a full range of basic biometric data, and mobile connectivity allows that data to be shared with friends, family and caregivers.

In the healthcare industry, where these devices are much more specialized and oriented toward providing precision medicine, this revolution is known as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

Advanced platforms like Bridgera IoT are capable not only of combining biometric data with genomics data but powering ambitious custom IoT healthcare solutions. These IoMT solutions can then report statistics to health information systems, notify caregivers of changes in patient status and even leverage imaging for remote diagnostics. Soon these IoMT capabilities will transform healthcare from “diagnose and manage” practices to telehealth-oriented “predict and prevent” strategies.

Bridgera’s custom IoMT solutions can help your healthcare organization keep pace with these dynamic trends.

Industrial Equipment and IIoT

Thanks to the Internet of Things, industrial equipment is becoming smarter and easier to manage and service. As a result, the responsibilities of operational technicians are changing and creating skill gaps. They must now be experts in sensor technology, networking, edge servers, Internet technology, cybersecurity, cloud software, databases, and web and mobile software applications.

In this rapidly evolving industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Bridgera helps to close these skill gaps by providing IoT capabilities as a fully supported, user-friendly service. Our custom IIoT solutions can be tailored for the complex and demanding use cases commonly associated with industrial applications. The flexibility of the Bridgera IoT platform means that it can be seamlessly adapted to use in sectors as diverse as energy, automotive, constuction and telecommunications.

Beyond rapid deployment and an intuitive user experience, what industrial and manufacturing companies stand to gain from Bridgera’s custom IIoT development is the ability to streamline equipment servicing, fleet management and fuel efficiency while enjoying feature-rich remote management and decision-making informed by a wealth of real-time data.

Bridgera Industrial Equipment
Ubiquitous Security through IoT

Ubiquitous Security through IoT

Home and business security solutions have been around for decades. And while today’s alarm systems, video cameras and 24-7 monitoring centers speak to the maturity of these solutions, there is a growing desire to experience that same sense of security everywhere and anywhere we might go. We are now entering an era of ubiquitous security.

Bridgera IoT security solutions are enabling that transition from infrastructure-based security to a personal form of security that promises greater freedom of movement alongside constant peace of mind. Our custom IoT solutions empower unaccompanied employees, elderly people living alone or even individuals who simply value safe mobility to travel where and when they want to.

By offering the best emergency alert app coupled with our white-label services and customizable IoT platform, Bridgera ensures that friends, family, employees or patients can travel confidently and be located no matter where they happen to be.

IoT Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Bridgera’s IoT platform provides the foundation for a custom IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. We make it easy to implement and leverage the Internet of Things through:

  • Rapid application enablement
  • Custom electronics integration
  • Turnkey delivery and support
  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems
  • Powerful IoT monitoring and tracking
  • Real-time SMS/push/e-mail alerts
  • Tailor-made analytics and reporting

Our robust cloud and mobile platforms allow us to provide you with unique, turnkey IoT solutions – inluding custom software application development – quickly and without compromise.

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Device Connectivity
Connect to any device via any Internet protocol using any network technology.
Data Capture
Acquire IoT system data at any velocity, variety and volume.
Data Storage
Structured and unstructured data storage with relational and noSQL database capabilities.
Data Processing
Initial processing occurs in real time, prior to writing to the database, triggering immediate actions.
Data Analytics
Data-processing capabilities with analytics models built to client specification.
Custom User Experience/ Interface
Custom application logic and user interfaces developed for each specific IoT use case.
API & Integration Services
Custom APIs for bidirectional integration with existing business systems. Ad hoc integrations with external data services (e.g., maps, weather, location).

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