What is an IoT Platform?

An IoT Platform is a start to an IoT Software solution. IoT Platforms provide common IoT software capabilities with the expectation that your developers will finish and maintain the solution.


A subscription to Bridgera IoT is a finished IoT Software solution. We start with our Platform AND finish to your specification with no need for you to ever staff developers.


We live in a world where time to market and differentiation are key, why should IoT solutions be any different?


Bridgera IoT Platform Venn Diagram


Bridgera IoT Software for the Internet of Things

Bridgera IoT is software-as-a-service for the Internet of Things. The Bridgera IoT Platform is the foundation to a custom IoT software solution built by Bridgera to your specification then operated by Bridgera as a subscription service.


Bridgera gives you what you want, without compromise, and most importantly will finish the job.


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Device Connectivity
Connect to any device with any internet protocol via any network technology.
Data Ingestion
Capture IoT system data at any velocity, variety, and volume.
Data Storage
Structured and unstructured data storage with relational and noSQL database capabilities.
API Access to Data
Custom API's to access IoT data for 3rd party integration and processing.
Data Processing
Initial processing occurs in real time, prior to reading to the database, triggering immediate actions.
Data Analytics
Data processing capability with analytics models built to client specification.
Integration Services
Bi-directional integrations to existing business systems.
Custom User Experience/ Interface
Custom application logic and user interfaces developed for each specific IoT use case.
API Services
As needed integrations with external data services (Maps, Weather, Location)
DevOps & Cloud
Elastic Big Data architecture operating on Cloud Infrastructure for unlimited reliability and scale. Ongoing Development and Operational support for the IoT software and supporting infrastructure.

Accelerate your unique IoT Solution with Bridgera IoT

Bridgera IoT - Connect Devices

Connect Devices

A modern IoT software architecture managing device and enterprise system integration, anywhere, at any scale.

Bridgera IoT - Process Data


Superior data aggregation!
Capture, process, store, and recall data at any velocity, variety, or volume.

Bridgera IoT - Enable Applications


Built-to-your-spec applications for an uncompromising user experience leveraging ready to deploy IoT capabilities.

Subscription Service

The Bridgera Iot Solution is operated by Bridgera, ensuring that you never have to worry about being understaffed or lacking in modern software development and operation skills.

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Complete solution provided as a service
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24/7 support, so we're there when you need us
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Controls to protect confidentially, integrity and availabilty of data
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Continueous improvements to meet your needs
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