Delivery Driver Live Location Tracking | Bridgera TrackMe App

Simple Real-Time Driver Location Monitoring

Bridgera TrackMe is a smartphone app installed on the driver’s smartphone for driver location monitoring. The solution is perfect for transportation, delivery, safety, and emergency service where knowledge of delivery progress is important but vehicle mounted GPS devices are not practical.

Unlike most fleet-tracking solutions, expensive GPS devices are not required, opening the driver location monitoring capability up to contractors, temporary drivers, rental vehicles as well as non-traditional vehicles such as bikes and scooters.

Bridgera TrackMe leverages the location capabilities of the driver’s smartphone to broadcast location data to the dispatch portal. Dispatchers can select the closest operator, monitor routes in real time, access route history, and provide delivery ETA. All available in a low cost, highly customizable, ready to deploy solution.

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Important Features

Bridgera TrackMe - Real time Live Location Tracking App

Real-Time Route Tracking

Driver location monitoring on any route with any mode of transport, receive speed alerts and arrival estimates.

Bridgera TrackMe - GPS tracking for delivery drivers

Maintain Driver History

Route history including travel distance available for dispatch analysis and mileage reimbursement.

Bridgera TrackMe - Real Time Driver Tracking App
Bridgera TrackMe - Driver Location Monitoring App

Driver Controls

Driver sets when the service is active or inactive giving them freedom to work as independent contractors.

Bridgera TrackMe App for live location tracking

Geo-Fence Alerts

Set arrival and departure alerts with automatic SMS and email notifications to dispatch and receivers.

App Screens

Real Time Driver Tracking App - Bridgera TrackMe

White Label Driver Location Monitoring

For businesses with a single driver or a fleet of drivers, issue Bridgera TrackMe, a branded smartphone app for driver location monitoring. Dispatch the closest driver, track driver performance, and provide your customers with better delivery visibility.

Include your company’s brand on the driver app and on the dispatch portal. Know where your drivers are at all times with a minimal investment. By equipping contractors with the TrackMe App, you give them freedom to be available on their schedule with the Active/Inactive feature. No need to install expensive GPS tracking hardware.

Also available are options to integrate with your CRM or dispatch software and create a customer accessible portal to provide delivery visibility.

Backed by a Powerful Cloud Platform

Bridgera Rescue Monitoring

Powered by Bridgera IoT, our cloud platform provides a powerful back end service supporting Bridgera Rescue and purpose built location tracking and monitoring devices such as the Micron Prime One PERS device. Pre-built capabilities include:

  • Device provisioning
  • Subscriber management
  • Hierarchical role-based access
  • Location Finding and Tracking
  • Geo-Fences
  • White Label Branding

You require a capability that we don’t currently offer?  Let’s discuss. While we offer a standard, ready to deploy platform, we recognize that our clients may have unique requirements for differentiation.

  • What is your device or App strategy?
  • What users will be accessing the system?
  • What kind of data are your devices processing?
  • What will you be using the data for?
  • Are there any other systems involved?

We’ll customize our platform to cater to your unique requirements. This is usually completed within a few Agile sprints.

Bridgera provides a complete cloud hosted solution with 24×7 help desk monitoring with flexible support and collaborative enhancement options.

Don’t be locked into a static platform! We recognize that technology advances rapidly and therefore we provide our client’s with access to a full compliment of software developers to stay ahead of their competition.  Services include Architects, UI Design, Full Stack Development, Integration Services, Quality Assurance, and Operations.