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with Bridgera's POC

Get Bridgera's 2-week POC IoT boost! Unlock rapid prototyping, seamless integration, and tailored solutions for faster IoT journey! 

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Tailored Solutions in Record Time:

Bridgera's unique approach involves a swift due diligence process, creating a digital simulation of your device on our advanced Digital Twin platform, and configuring our Application Enablement Platform (AEP) for seamless integration.

Rapid Prototyping:

We understand the urgency of your IoT initiatives. That's why we've optimized our process to deliver a Proof of Concept (PoC) solution within approximately 2 weeks, ensuring you can see results and make informed decisions faster.

What Sets Bridgera Apart?

At Bridgera, we pride ourselves on making IoT implementation faster and more efficient than ever. Here's why we stand out:

Fast-Track Your IoT Journey

How Do We Do It?

Due Diligence

We start by understanding your device or equipment characteristics, operational aspects, and any analytics needs.

Digital Twin Simulation

We create a digital simulation of your device on our state-of-the-art Digital Twin platform.

AEP Configuration

Bridgera Monitoring is configured to align with your operational requirements, including alarms, notifications, and remote device management.

Custom Dashboards

We develop reports and dashboards on the Bridgera Intelligence platform, tailored to your specifications.

Plan for Your IoT POC

configuration : 2 Weeks
Create a Digital Twin of the physical device
Create Device Type on Bridgera Monitoring Platform
Configure Bridgera Monitoring according to the use case
Create Dashboards, Reports on Bridgera Intelligence
Testing : 1 Week
Integration Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Access : 3 Months
Available for Testing & Demo