Key Features

Real time fall detection

Radio technology enabled wall mounted sensor which detects presence and provides reliable, instant and accurate determination and notifications in the event of a fall.

Integration with smart home technologies

Our sensors and platform can be configured to communicate with other smart home devices like smart bulbs, smart cameras, motion sensors, thermostats, doorbells etc.

Vitals monitoring

Supported devices include sleep mats, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, pulse oximeter, EKG. Accompanying mobile app enables easy access to all the information on the go.

Non-invasive, easy to use

Unrestricted mobility as none of the devices remain attached to the body. They are either wall-mounted or connected when taking a reading.

Convenient, integrated information reporting

Online dashboards visualize real-time and historic data along with text messages and emails to concerned caregivers. Also, can be integrated with popular EMR and EHR systems.

HIPAA compliant platform

Our HIPAA compliant solution is designed to be highly secure and always available.

How it works

Designed for caregivers everywhere: home care companies, assisted living facilities, residential homes, and family caregivers.

Our software integrates wellness devices to detect user defined events and alert caregivers in real time when assistance is needed. The WellAware CARE solution powered by Bridgera captures behavioral and biometric data and enables caregivers to provide better services to the seniors through the informed, data-driven care decisions.

Fall Detection and Presence monitoring system uses a wall mounted device to detect all types of human falls. Caregivers are alerted real-time when a fall event occurs so assistance can quickly be provided, reducing medical complications. Data is collected for proactive care planning.

Sleep Sound monitors nighttime activity, sleep quality and heart rate. When the senior leaves bed lights automatically illuminate for increased safety and caregivers are notified of the in and out of bed activity. Collected data is reported for wellness insight and proactive care planning.


Why to select Bridgera as your IoT service provider?

  • Rapid development and deployment of IoT solution in weeks, not months or years
  • No trial and error
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • No need for in-house development and support

Simple Care Solutions

We integrate multiple wellness devices into a single, simple to use senior care solution. It is designed for assisted and independent living facilities and home care companies. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your residents/clients, alerts notify caregivers when help is needed, and the system enables information-based care planning.

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