Turning a Great Idea into an Enterprise IoT Solution

Date : August 10, 2017
Location : HQ Raleigh, NC

Bridgera’s own Ron Pascuzzi and Joydeep Misra were featured speakers at a RIoT Lunch and Learn event held on August 10th, 2017 at HQ Raleigh.

As an Internet of Things Software provider, we have been pitched countless “Great Ideas”. Many of these ideas function great as a proof of concept but fall apart when faced with the demands of an enterprise solution.

Unlike a small scale proof of concept, an enterprise solution must have the following traits:

  • Handle Scale
  • Development and operational cost aligns with benefit
  • Intuitive for end users
  • Integrates with appropriate business systems
  • Secure: Provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data

With IoT, software tends to be an afterthought when turning that great idea into a viable enterprise grade product. More often than not, the majority of effort is spent on engineering a great physical product, with very little time and money for developing a software solution that can scale.

Ron opened up with an overview of the IoT technology stack and the some of the most common reasons why companies are struggling to move past a proof of concept. Joydeep closed out with a deeper dive discussion on how big data technology provides the ability to aggregate data with the performance and reliability expected by enterprise solutions and touched on how this technology has enabled Bridgera IoT

If you were unable to attend, you can find a slide share below or give us a call:

Bridgera enterprise IoT Software Solutions from Ron Pascuzzi

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