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Bridgera's IoT Platform

The perfect complement to your device for a complete IoT solution

Why settle for a generic user interface and an unfinished platform?
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Powerful SaaS to complete your IoT Solution

Bridgera’s IoT platform is accessible through a subscription service. Come to us with an idea and a device. We provide the rest. Avoid compromise by differentiating your IoT offering from generic solutions. With our ready to deploy platform, we provide a custom user interface, custom device integration, and application logic to meet your specification! The net result, accelerate time to market while minimizing your capital investment.

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Cloud Infrastructure providing unlimited access and scale
Data Ingestion
Powerful Big Data solution for handling the scale of IoT data ingestion
Data Analytics
Data Analytics Capability with models built to client specification
Ongoing Development, Operations, Security, Administration, and Help Desk Services supporting the software and supporting infrastructure.
Data Processing
Real Time Processing Capability to trigger an immediate action
Data Storage
Structured and unstructured data storage
API Access to Data
Device Data is accessible through APIs
User Experience/ Interface
Application logic and user interfaces developed for each specific IoT use case.
Device Communication
Standard communication protocols with the ability to support any device.
API Services
As needed integrations with external data services (Maps, Weather, Location)

One solution to power your IoT needs.

Big Data Platform

At the core of our IoT software is a platform which consists of core capabilities leveraging the latest in Big Data technology:

  • Communicate with the IoT device in a common language.
  • Receive data sent from the IoT device and immediately process the data as directed by the application’s instructions.
  • Store and recall data in any format.
  • Combine device data with data from API services and immediately process this new data super-set as directed by the application.
  • Operate without limits to the volume of data, variety of data, or the velocity at which the data is sent from devices.

Built-to-spec Apps

Our IoT software includes a web and mobile application with interfaces and logic for people to interact with their devices and data. We create custom app features from a library of ready to deploy features:

  • Collect, Process, and Store Sensor Data
  • Send and Receive Commands and Alerts
  • Find a Device Location and Track Movement
  • Velocity and Acceleration detection and alerts
  • Establish a Geofence
  • Device provisioning and diagnostics
  • Payment gateway

Managed Services

We provide cloud infrastructure and people to ensure that the platform is operating securely and supported with optimal computing power at all times.

  • Help Desk Support
  • System Administration
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Security

Target Use Cases

Emergency Response
Asset Tracking
Fleet Tracking

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