Bridgera Attends RIoT Event About IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Date : September 25, 2018
Location : SAS Executive Briefing Center, Cary, NC

Bridgera’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Ron Pascuzzi, attended the 28th RIoT meetup on September 25th on the SAS Campus in Cary, NC. The meetup, titled “IoT with Embedded AI: Is it Outperforming Humans?“, was focused primarily on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

The three keynote speakers were:

Juthika Khargharia, Principal Solutions Architect, SAS
Phillip Simulis, CEO, Simtelligent
Joy King, VP, Vertica Product Management & Marketing

Topics included “Leading the Way Into the Era of IoT Analytics with Embedded AI”, “Cognitive Analytics Streamlines Operations and Reduces Costs”, and “Predictive Analytics Powered by Machine Learning…but How?”. The event was a valuable learning opportunity for people interested in the world of AI and IoT.

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