Bridgera Monitoring Highlights

Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor equipment in real-time using custom dashboards that provide insight into performance and data trends

Custom Alerts

Configure automatic SMS and email alerts based on vital signs breaching user-defined thresholds

Custom Analytics

Aggregate historical data, develop custom models and visuals and build a foundation for machine learning

Hierarchical Views

Control access by role, organization, or company with unlimited branching and white label branding at any level

Map View Capability

View the real-time location of a portfolio of devices on a map via a known address or GPS coordinates if mobile

Device Management

Integration solutions for all device types, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, etc. Manage your entire device inventory.

Powered by Bridgera IoT

What is IoT?

Bridgera is an innovative software company specialized in building custom IoT solutions. IoT is a complex puzzle and it requires a lot of different types of skills to develop a custom IoT solution. Bridgera IoT Remote Healthcare Monitoring use cases are built around collecting data from physical endpoints or “Things” and then processing that data according to specific business rules to provide actionable intelligence. At Bridgera, we work with our customers to deliver IoT solutions tailor-made to their business needs.

How does Bridgera approach IoT Integration?

We use our own proprietary “Bridgera IoT” application enablement platform as a secure, reliable and scalable foundation for building client specific solutions. It can be easily configured to support the communication protocol (UDP, MQTT, LoRA, CoAP etc.) and data packet structure (payload) for any IoT device. Client specific business rules can be setup to support specific applications and to allow integration with external systems. We accelerate IoT adoption and implementation by cutting short the development and testing time. As a result, our customers get a robust cost effective solution in a matter of weeks, without having to invest heavily in infrastructure and large IT teams with different skills.

What are the key features of Bridgera’s Application enablement platform?

Bridgera IoT is architected using big data technologies: so it is massively scalable and fault tolerant. It supports cloud / on-premise hosting and is offered as a subscription service, maintained and managed by Bridgera for the life of the service. It has in-built support for features like device provisioning, custom alarms and notifications, dashboard for real-time monitoring, role-based access control as well as self service reporting and analytics. A set of APIs allows easy integration of these features with client specific web and mobile UI’s.

Why should a client engage Bridgera?

We accelerate business transformation through IoT solutions and drive competitive advantage through advanced Analytics that deliver actionable insights. Across industries, benefits can range from improved customer experience and operational efficiencies to predictive interventions that can save lives. We are headquartered in the US with a global delivery model supported by a 24×7 monitoring team. Our services are attractively priced as a SaaS offering and backed by stringent SLAs. In short, we make it easy for our clients to leverage a complex emerging technology like IoT to drive innovation and disruption.

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    What our clients are saying


    CEO, WizeView

    Bridgera has been an excellent technology partner providing Contract Development resources to augment our WizeView technical team. They have provided dependable, cost-effective delivery capabilities, while being sensitive to our business challenges and changing priorities. In terms of an IT partner that can deliver on quality, price, and schedule, I highly recommend Bridgera.


    CEO, Brightdoor

    Bridgera has been helping us with a 100% offshore team since 2010. Their teams and service levels have been consistently high throughout their engagement with us. What is striking is that there was minimal attrition along the way, and resource changes were managed with adequate notice. Their technology expertise includes both web and mobile platforms, along with cutting edge IoT solutions that support location-aware features.