IoT Companies: The Difference Between “Good” and “Great”

Written by: Jordan Eller on January 31, 2019

Not All IoT Companies Are Created Equal Out of the thousands of companies in the world, how many would call themselves “the best”? Most of them would, but how often does that claim actually stand up to scrutiny? It’s easy for a sleek, modern website to make bold proclamations, but the truth is that not... Read More

Software Testing Automation: Is It Right For Your Business?

Written by: Jordan Eller on September 27, 2018

 If you’re even remotely knowledgeable about the word of tech and software, you’re probably familiar with the practice of testing. However, software testing isn’t like testing a power drill or some other mundane tool. There can be a million different permutations of behavior or circumstances, and sometimes it’s simply not viable to expect one... Read More

5 Tips For Building a Scalable Technology Stack

Written by: Jordan Eller on September 17, 2018

Did you realize that mobile and web-based apps save employees over 725 million work hours per year? There is simply no denying just how important the utilization of technology is to the overall success of small to medium-sized businesses. If you are in the process of designing apps for your employees or consumers to use,... Read More

DevOps: Development and Operations Become One

Written by: Jordan Eller on July 19, 2018

If you are a consumer of modern software, including Apps on your smartphone, you are a beneficiary of what is known in the software industry as DevOps. Bridgera’s own VP of Enterprise IoT Solutions, Joydeep Misra, provide and explanation of what DevOps means and how it is an enabling process for modern Software-as-a-Service and Agile... Read More

10 Keys to Outsourcing Software Development to India

Written by: Kamalesh Nayudu on May 31, 2018

For more than two decades, companies have been outsourcing software development to teams based in India with varying success. On the positive side, in addition to having access to hard to find software developers, companies have reported significant cost savings and have used those savings to do more with their budget. Unfortunately, there are others... Read More

All Things Open and the Internet of Things

Written by: Jordan Eller on November 14, 2017

In October 2017, Bridgera sponsored and attended the yearly All Things Open convention in Raleigh, NC. As the largest open-source technology event on the East Coast, All Things Open 2017 was packed to the gills with excited participants. Developers, entrepreneurs, and designers from every corner of the world flocked to the Raleigh Convention Center to... Read More

Are You in the Software Business?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on September 29, 2017

You are a consumer of software. You buy commercial software. You install it on servers or employee computers (perhaps you have someone in IT do this for you). Or you consume software as a service (SaaS) through a web browser, eliminating the need to install and support software locally.   What you may not know... Read More

Cisco Says IoT Projects are Failing, But Why?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on July 27, 2017

Despite the Internet of Things being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there are concerns about the pace of this revolution given the overwhelming majority of Enterprise IoT project failures. Enterprises that create and sell products either manufacture a physical product or manufacture software. Rarely does a company do both. Even more rare is the company... Read More

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on June 8, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be one of the least understood technology buzzwords of the last decade. "A Reference Guide to the Internet of Things", is a must read prior to your first end-to-end IoT project. ... Read More

IoT Platform or IoT Software?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on May 12, 2017

You need IoT Software, you were sold an IoT Platform and now have developers "playing" instead of completing your IoT Solution. Is there a better way?... Read More

What is a Software Platform?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on April 12, 2017

A software platform may accelerate a project timeline, but don't confuse it with a complete solution. Read about what to consider when building on a software platform.... Read More

Make or Buy a Digital Transformation

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on March 29, 2017

Consider this side-by-side comparison of Make versus Buy when pursuing a digital transformation effort, including but not limited to a look at costs and risks. And a look at a hybrid alternative. ... Read More

How to Navigate a Digital Transformation

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on March 10, 2017

What is a digital transformation? Keep reading for a simple approach to understanding as well as getting started on a digital transformation journey.... Read More

Software Development Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

Written by: Sophia Davies on December 28, 2016

Unsure about outsourcing? Software development outsourcing can be a great way to expand and grow your business by freeing up your talent to focus on critical business operations and or do things you wouldn’t have the knowledge, time, or ability to do in-house.... Read More