DevOps: Development and Operations Become One

Written by: Jordan Eller on July 19, 2018

If you are a consumer of modern software, including Apps on your smartphone, you are a beneficiary of what is known in the software industry as DevOps. Bridgera’s own VP of Enterprise IoT Solutions, Joydeep Misra, provide and explanation of what DevOps means and how it is an enabling process for modern Software-as-a-Service and Agile... Read More

Industrial IoT: Improving Safety and Efficiency

Written by: Sophia Davies on December 2, 2016

Industrial IoT is something that smart manufacturers can't ignore if they want to remain competitive in the rapidly changing industrial landscape.... Read More

Emergency Response and IoT: Saving Lives with Software

Written by: Sophia Davies on November 7, 2016

IoT Solutions are playing significant roles in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response systems, thus saving lives and making cities safer.... Read More