Monitor Equipment Anywhere

Bridgera Monitoring

  • Monitor equipment in real time from any location on a PC, Mac, or tablet
  • Access trend and performance insights on demand
  • Set user-defined SMS and email alerts for real-time status change notification

Tailored for Healthcare, Industrial, and Security Solutions; Bridgera Monitoring makes all this easy and offers a lot more!

Bridgera Monitoring Highlights

Bridgera Monitoring is an Internet of Things dashboard that is highly accessible, scalable, and customizable.

Quickly demonstrate a web-based dashboard integrated with your electronics platform.

Seamlessly transition from Demo to Prototype to Deployment.

Manage a diverse portfolio of connected devices and client’s under one custom-branded cloud application.


Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor equipment in real-time using custom dashboards that provide insight into performance and data trends

Custom Alerts

Configure automatic SMS and email alerts based on device instances breaching user-defined thresholds

Custom Analytics

Aggregate historical data, develop custom models and visuals, and build a foundation for machine learning

Hierarchical Views

Control access by role, organization, or company with unlimited branching and white label branding at any level

Map View Capability

View the real time location of a portfolio of equipment on a map via a known address or GPS coordinates if mobile

Device Management

Provision and manage a unique device inventory and rapidly integrate new devices and new device types

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Partnership Opportunities

Electronics developers, service providers, and manufacturers all partner with Bridgera to provide their customers with a complete end-to-end connected solution.

We also provide white label options for total control over the branding of your solution.

Powered by Bridgera IoT

Bridgera Monitoring was developed on the Bridgera IoT Platform providing a proven technology stack that was created for enterprise scale, reliability, and flexibility.

While Bridgera Monitoring is a ready-to-deploy application, the Bridgera Development team stands ready to support clients that are working with a unique device type, require a dashboard modification or unique user experience, or have a requirement for custom analytics.

Rapid Prototyping

Avoid expensive change by getting the user experience right first, then complete the development of the device electronics.

Start development from an end user perspective by simulating device data and connectivity with Bridgera Digital Twin.

Bridgera Digital Twin is a utility integrated with Bridgera Monitoring for simulating the output of any device type defined in the Bridgera Monitoring system.

Managed Service Delivery

The Bridgera Monitoring platform is hosted and operated by the Bridgera team as a subscription service. The platform is cloud hosted and monitored 24 x 7 by our help desk team with the expectation that it is available when you and your customers need it.

The Bridgera DevOps team stands ready to support our client’s continuous innovation efforts. Device integration and customization services are performed as enhancement requests or as custom one-off services.

Getting Started with Bridgera Monitoring

  • Define a Device Type

    There are no limits to the number of device types available in Bridgera Monitoring. Each device type is identified by a unique name with the following attributes:

    • Internet protocol (MQTT, TCP, etc.)
    • Data format (JSON, .csv, .txt, etc.)
    • Data Fields/Keys and Values/Types
    • Visualization Graphics
    • Performance Insights

    Select a device type that exists or send us your specification and we will add it for you.

  • Create a Digital Twin and Visualize Simulated Data
  • Setup Access Control and Deploy