A Reinvigorated Bridgera. Our Rebranding Journey

Written by: Kayla Little on April 25, 2017

  Bridgera recently introduced a new, fresh, visual identity. Here’s the story of how we combined what our customers love most about us with our core values and culture to create a bolder, more modern Bridgera. Where we Started From the start, a few things have distinguished the Bridgera brand: The energetic and powerful color … Read more

What is a Software Platform?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on April 12, 2017

  Let’s start with a definition. Platform: a platform provides low-level functionality ready-made as an accelerator to a consumable solution. A platform is not a complete solution but requires additional effort to complete the solution. The benefit of a platform is to provide commodity capabilities faster and cheaper while maintaining the ability to differentiate through … Read more

5G Promises New Horizons for IoT

Written by: Kamalesh Nayudu on April 4, 2017

Since the debut of 1G in 1982, a new mobile communication generation appears approximately every 10 years. The basic 1G service was followed by 2G, introducing text messaging capabilities in 1992. Then 3G networks appeared in 2001, allowing phones to access the internet.  Finally, in 2012, 4G appeared, adding video streaming capabilities. 5G is next, … Read more

Make or Buy a Digital Transformation

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on March 29, 2017

Is a software development competency a prerequisite to digital transformation? In “How to Navigate a Digital Transformation” I laid out a path to find ways to improve your company with innovative software solutions. Now what?    There are three possible paths you could take to enable your digital transformation initiative: Make it with direct employees … Read more

Tips on Building a Complete IoT Solution for your Business

Written by: Kamalesh Nayudu on March 21, 2017

Building an enterprise IoT solution, is far more challenging than building yet another business application. And since the IoT tsunami is still in its formative stage, it is no less challenging to put together a business case driven by a clear ROI. Download our free eBook to learn more about the IoT stack and the … Read more

How to Navigate a Digital Transformation

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on March 10, 2017

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “digital transformation”. What does it really mean to “digitally transform” your business? Transformation is a thorough or dramatic change, like a sports car changing to a robot. Digital represents software and data leveraging computing, networking, and data storage technology. Combined together, digital transformation, in the context of business, is … Read more

What is IoT | A System of Systems

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on January 23, 2017

IoT stands for the Internet of Things The acronym IoT stands for the Internet of Things.  But could a better name be SCAWAS? This blog provides an overview of IoT systems and why “IoT” might not be the most accurate term to describe them. SCAWAS: Sense-Communicate-Act-Wide-Area-System A “Thing” from the perspective of IoT, is a … Read more

Are Big Data Solutions for Small Businesses?

Written by: Sophia Davies on January 13, 2017

In the last few years, a change has crept up on our society. The average person is largely unaware of it, but it is transforming the way every aspect of our civilization works. I’m talking about the Big Data tsunami. Our capabilities to collect data have grown exponentially thanks to the growth of the Internet of … Read more

Software Development Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

Written by: Sophia Davies on December 28, 2016

Outsourcing has been an integral part of software development for decades. There are both positives and negatives associated with software development outsourcing. In the current business climate some businesses are hesitant to send their work to outside teams, both onshore and offshore. While there are risks associated with outsourcing, it still offers many benefits. Small-to-medium-sized companies, … Read more

Industrial IoT: Improving Safety and Efficiency

Written by: Sophia Davies on December 2, 2016

While the Internet of Things is relatively new, IoT has already helped companies from a wide variety of industries come up with innovative solutions for problems (See IoT and Emergency Services: Saving Lives with Software). Manufacturing is no exception. Manufacturing is one of the fields where IoT has the greatest potential for impact. We are already seeing … Read more

Emergency Response and IoT: Saving Lives with Software

Written by: Sophia Davies on November 7, 2016

Real Applications for IoT Every day we hear new predictions about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the world and transform our way of life. What you may not realize is that IoT has changed the way we respond to emergencies and is saving lives.With the growth of IoT, major industries and government … Read more

Which Wireless Technology is Right for Your IoT App?

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on October 28, 2016

  IoT, by its definition, consists of “things” connected to the “internet”.  In most cases, there is a wireless connection.  However, just as the “things” can be extremely diverse in their size and capabilities, you have many choices when it comes to selecting a wireless technology. Bonus: Have you ever wondered why you can sometimes listen to an … Read more

Can your business survive without IoT solutions?

Written by: Sophia Davies on September 26, 2016

When was the last time you saw a Blockbuster? The once dominant video rental chain has all but disappeared. After going bankrupt in 2011, Blockbuster was bought out by Dish Network. There now seems to be only 13 stores left in the world.What went wrong?  Blockbuster failed to keep up with a rapidly changing industry that … Read more

How to solve the “IoT is Hard” problem

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on September 12, 2016

Have you ever tried something that looks easy but turns out to be hard (or damn near impossible)? Assembling an IoT solution is one of those things that appears deceptively simple. Recent evidence has suggested that IoT is a lot harder than it looks. CBInsights has reported a slowdown in IoT investments. While this could be a … Read more

Offload the ETL Bottleneck with Hadoop

Written by: Joydeep Misra on August 3, 2016

Where’s my Data?    There is a battle today inside IT to meet Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) overnight data load commitments with ETL solutions. Traditional ETL solutions have struggled to keep pace with the tsunami of data now being generated. Fortunately, there is a solution with an ecosystem of software called Hadoop.  Before I stage the … Read more

Empowering Business Leaders with Dashboard Analytics

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on July 26, 2016

Provide an insightful report and you’ll empower an executive for a day. Provide an interactive data dashboard and you’ll empower him for a lifetime. I have been a consumer of financial performance data for more than 20 years. An insightful performance report (revenue, profit, and expense) empowered me for a day. But in the long … Read more

The IoT Tsunami: Will You Catch the Data Wave?

Written by: Kamalesh Nayudu on July 19, 2016

The IoT tsunami is coming. Is your business prepared for the wave of data coming your way? While IoT is already generating huge amounts of data, projections have forecast the pending arrival of the perfect storm of data.The Tsunami is Coming  It’s no secret that IoT is experiencing massive growth. Currently, 5.5 million new things are connecting to … Read more

Take Action in Real Time with Big Data Analytics

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on July 5, 2016

I wrote about predicting the future with analytics in a blog titled “Remember the Past and Predict the Future“. In many industries technological advances have greatly reduced the margin of error for predicting future outcomes. But what good is a prediction if you don’t take action? Thinking about the ramifications of taking action on predictions can … Read more

Behind the Scene with IoT

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on June 27, 2016

It is hard to avoid hearing the term IoT or the tremendous business opportunities created by IoT. But what does IoT really mean to the beneficiary (i.e., the end using customer)? What happens behind the scene? The Internet of Things (IoT), as defined by Wikipedia, is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with … Read more


Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on June 21, 2016

Imagine that you were tasked with indexing (categorizing and summarizing) the contents of a large collection of randomly formatted text documents to make them easily accessible throughout your company. Perhaps this use case contains legal documents as well as medical records (with various levels of sensitivity). Suppose that the size of this collection contained over … Read more

Remember the Past and Predict the Future

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on June 14, 2016

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”   George Santayana, 1905Various forms of this quote have been repeated by many famous people since George Santayana wrote in The Life of Reason, 1905.The quote applies to many aspects of life, for example social interactions, conflict, and business. In business, entire industries have been created … Read more

Platform Economy, Making Enterprise Software “Just Right”

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on

Will platform software prevent software obsolescence? Accenture recently published their Technology Vision 2016. I applaud Accenture for maintaining a summary of their “Tech Vision” from 2015 and 2014 in this publication. It is rare that a forward looking report looks back at past predictions. Perhaps they did it because they were pretty much spot on. I am particularly interested to see where … Read more

Bag Phones, Day Planners, and Big Data

Written by: Ron Pascuzzi on June 13, 2016

Is greatness, complacency, or nostalgia holding your IT strategy back and giving your competition an edge?“What used to be great may now be holding you back” has never been more true in the IT world, especially with how data is captured, managed, used, and maintained. If you are thinking, “Big Data is not for you, … Read more