IoT Platform or IoT Software?

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IoT PaaS or IoT SaaS

The Internet of Things spans industries and functions. IoT is found in consumer applications and industrial applications. It enables point of sale operations, manufacturing operations, and home automation. IoT is frequently called the 4th Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0. It is hard to imagine a business that won’t be impacted by the Internet of Things, within their own operations, as an offering to their customers, or by their competitor.  

Start a Revolution

Revolutions rarely happen without complication. The IoT revolution is no different, it is complicated.

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IoT requires a diverse system of technologies to work together in concert and at large scale. Many companies today do not have the technical diversity to develop an entire solution. And much of their attention is on the device and communication capabilities. They might have a great idea, but they underestimate what is required to develop and maintain complex software on the back end, which is half the solution. The implication is a solution that is unreliable, does not scale, or is locked into a platform with limited capability.  

For those companies that do not consider themselves a proficient software company or have the capacity to invest in developing this competency, we encourage you to explore Bridgera IoT.   

No Developers Needed

No Developers Needed IoT SoftwareImagine being able to create an IoT software application without having to hire a single software developer. Many IoT platform companies claim that they have an easy button. Assuming you are able to choose from the overwhelming number of platform providers on the market, you may even be tempted to lock into an agreement with an IoT platform provider.

Platform providers will require you to learn how to develop around their platform, therefore requiring you to attend their training and maintain a trained staff of developers. The more flexible the platform is, the more sophisticated your development team must be. The less flexible they are, the more difficult it will be to differentiate. In all cases, you are learning on the job and no platform company will finish the job.  

Finish the Job

Bridgera IoT provides a solution that results in exactly what you want, without compromise. Bridgera IoT is a software platform loaded with capability, just like all the rest. But it is much more. Bridgera IoT is unique in that fact that it is a custom service for completing the solution to the customer’s specification without the customer staffing developers. Bridgera IoT is IoT software as a subscription service for life-long support of the entire custom solution.  The Bridgera way is to finish the job.  

The Bridgera IoT Software Scope

Beginning with Bridgera IoT Data Platform:

  1. We integrate with the IoT device and communication channel that you select
  2. We establish a security strategy
  3. We program the business rules engine based on your use case

With Bridgera IoT Application Platform:

  1. We select pre-built IoT capabilities* that apply to your use case
  2. We will develop any missing capabilities if required
  3. We tailor a pre-existing App or custom build a new App**

* Find location, track a movement, alert, geofence, acceleration, inventory, reports, dashboards, …

** Business logic, User Interface(s), integration with data sources, integration with business systems.

With Bridgera IoT DevOps

  1. We test and deploy the entire system
  2. We cloud host and support
  3. Last but not least, we continue to innovate on your timeline

Get Started!

Join the revolution, the 4th Industrial Revolution. Stop playing with platforms and contact Bridgera today.

About the Author: Ron Pascuzzi is an evangelist for the Internet of Things and helping businesses compete through digital transformation with custom software solutions. Ron leads sales and marketing at Bridgera, LLC in Raleigh, NC.


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Written by Ron Pascuzzi on May 12th, 2017
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