Bridgera IoT Introduction and IoT Acceleration

In less than a minute, watch how Bridgera IoT removes the complexity of Enterprise IoT. Follow that up with our 5 steps for accelerating implementation.


Bridgera IoT: A Solution Overview

The Internet of Things technology stack can be extremely complex. What options are available to companies that do not possess all the skills needed to develop complete solution?

Introducing Bridgera Rescue

Bridgera Rescue is a self contained emergency rescue App connected to the Bridgera IoT platform.  Watch the introduction video followed by a brief demonstration of the capabilities offered to emergency service providers to ensure the safety and security of their subscribers.

What role does software have in IoT

Watch the following video to learn about the Internet of Things and the role software has in providing a fully functional solution.

Accelerate your Idea with Bridgera IoT

How do you leverage the power of IoT as a small business?  Watch this overview video to learn how Bridgera’s IoT Software brings ideas to life.

Bridgera IoT Find and Track Demostration

Bridgera IoT is a cloud IoT software platform that can be adapted to support countless IoT use cases. A more common use case, and one that has been perfected by Bridgera, is the ability to find a device and track its position as it moves anywhere in the world as long as the device has the ability to broadcast a signal.