Bridgera Rescue Press Release

Date : March 29, 2018
Location : Raleigh, NC



Bridgera Releases Bridgera Rescue, an IoT-enabled People Tracking and Security App.

A GPS-enabled IoT solution connecting people with emergency services.

Raleigh, North Carolina – March 2018

Bridgera, a Raleigh based Internet of Things software company, announced today the release of Bridgera Rescue platform powered by Bridgera IoT along with the companion Bridgera Rescue App available for download in the Google Play store.

The company, which has its roots in custom enterprise software, says that Bridgera Rescue is a revolutionary solution that will simplify the role of an emergency call center operator by providing instant identification of a person requesting emergency services and track their immediate location, alleviating the need to speak to the subscriber.

Bridgera Rescue subscribers will have peace of mind knowing that they are only a click away from notifying friends and relatives of their current location and that they need help. With a paid subscription through a Bridgera Rescue dealer, security and first responder services such as ambulance, towing, and police services are a button-push away. Bridgera Rescue finds your location and facilitates the dispatch of an appropriate service provider.

In addition to providing security to the subscriber, Bridgera Rescue also offers an optional tracking capability to enable call center operators to track the location and ETA of a first responder or service provider as they are in route.

“We’re excited to have created something that can help people in need. While the solution is capable of operating anywhere in the world with smartphone connectivity, we are targeting geographies in East Africa and Central America where security and rapid response to emergencies may not be readily accessible”, says the Director of IoT Services at Bridgera, Joydeep Misra.

About Bridgera: Bridgera is a custom IoT software company specialized in Enterprise Software Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bridgera offers a personalized service by combing the benefits of a local presence with a global talent reach allowing them to provide software solutions to a broad range of clients and industries worldwide.

To learn more about Bridgera Rescue, expansion plans, or client success stories, please contact Bridgera Sales at 919-573-0571 and, or visit Bridgera’s website at

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