Bridgera Attends RIoT’s 2018 IoT Kick-Off Event

Date : March 1, 2018
Location : Durham, NC


RIoT 2018 Kickoff – Blockchain Delivers Security and Efficiency to IoT

bridgera riot kickoff 2018

On February 27th, Bridgera attended the RIoT 2018 Kickoff in Durham, NC. SVP Ron Pascuzzi and Account Executive Joe Goad demonstrated Bridgera IoT and answered questions about enterprise IoT Solutions, including device connectivity, cloud processing, and enabling IoT applications.

Bridgera is a proud sponsor of RIoT, both being headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Last year they collaborated on the creation of a downloadable eBook, “A Reference Guide to the Internet of Things”. Hard copies of our eBook were a hot commodity at the event, and our entire stock was gone before the opening speech! If you would like a physical copy, please let us know.

RIoT events bring out the best in the community to exchange ideas and promote the Internet of Things ecosystem.  If you are looking for an IoT partner, wanting to understand more about IoT in general, or have ideas to share, this is the place to be.

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