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Simplifying data management and increasing the effectiveness of data.

The volume, variety and velocity has increased beyond traditional systems’ ability to manage it.

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Big Data Solutions

The Bridgera team leverages experienced local and global talent, along with open source and commercial tools to develop highly effective data management solutions.

ETL Offload

ETL Offload

Shrink your ETL batch windows for nightly Data Warehouse loads. Redeploy your existing ETL server capacity to high value business intelligence and analytics.

Data Lake

Data Lake

Ingest data from a variety of sources (databases, files, social media feeds, SharePoint, image & video libraries) with processors that support consumptions of data at rest and data in motion.



Combine analytics and visualization capabilities into compelling self-serve dashboards that deliver real time actionable intelligence and provide easy access to data.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

End the mystery of “known unknowns” with our Enterprise Search portals. Unlock tremendous business value by identifying and locating digital assets across the enterprise.

Start with a Data Discovery to learn what your data can do for you.

Data can unlock tremendous business value, but is often an underutilized asset. Use these questions to determine if you're getting what you want and need from your data.

Big Data Discovery - storage limit icon

Have you reached storage limits of your Enterprise Data Warehouse or storage solutions?

Big Data Discovery - storage solutions icon

Are you struggling to support your existing storage solutions?

Big Data Discovery - find data icon

Can you find data fast with search and analytics capabilities across unique data repositories?

Big Data Discovery - visualize data icon

Are you equipped to analyze and visualize available data?

Big Data Discovery - predictive analytics icon

Are you able to support decision making through predictive analytics or real time data feeds?

Big Data Discovery - enrich analytics icon

Is there opportunity to enrich analytics with 3rd party data?

Big Data Discovery - data-as-a-service revenue stream icon

Could your data become a longer term data-as-a-service revenue stream?

Technology Expertise
Contract Models

Our services are available as short term or long term contracts. We're available to lead and execute entire projects or to supplement client-led projects with specialized IT talent. Contract options:

Fixed Fee Time and Materials (T&M) Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Big data Development Services

Development Services

We provide services through all phases of an IT project: Design, Development, QA, and Support.

Our clients leverage our Big Data competencies by supplementing their teams to accelerate projects, reduce staffing risks, and balance experience.

Big Data Managed Services

Managed Services

Our Hadoop administrators are available to support our clients 24×7 with redundancy.

Our Hadoop administrators are available to support our clients 24×7 with redundancy.

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