We are a custom software and IT service company specializing in web, mobile, Internet of Things, and Big Data applications for enterprises requiring modern, proprietary solutions. Our goal is to provide innovative software solutions for companies who are looking to, not only keep up with technological advancements, but also make a positive business impact. When you work with our team, you gain a true partner with a vested interest in delivering a quality service to help you make a difference.


We believe technology can fuel business growth.


Our mission is to propel clients into a new era of growth through technology. Whether increasing operational efficiencies or helping discover new growth opportunities, we have spent years partnering with clients to help them realize their technology goals.

Our Values

Be humble, be honest
Pursue excellence
Empower others
Be vested in our work
Stay hungry for knowledge
Work to delight our customers

Our Culture

Innovation - We are curious. We constantly seek better ways to do things.
Result Oriented - We focus on delivery.
Responsive - We are attentive and are available when needed.
Transparent - We strive for clarity and openness.
Empathetic - We subscribe to a 'think like the client' ethos.

What can Bridgera do for you?